The Illuma audience expansion technology is privacy-friendly and GDPR-compliant.

Privacy-friendly targeting doesn’t mean we are targeting blind, in fact every day we are unveiling insights into the mindsets of individual users without knowing anything else about them.

Here are a few examples.

  • The energy supplier: Audiences who are looking for new houses are only in the market for a short space of time. Finding those that were looking and seeing that they were looking for fixer-uppers allowed an energy supplier to reach them with a relevant message at exactly the right moment.
  • The luxury airline: A negative piece of content about flying could immediately be seen as a bad place in which to serve an airline ad, but in this case, it drove positive engagement because that negative sentiment was about a poor experience with a less-premium competitor.
  • The personal loan company: We found audiences for this campaign were more likely to engage with a personal loan product not when admiring high-cost items online, but when they were mindful of their finances – so looking for second-hand purchases.
  • The charity: Serving ads against news stories about extreme weather might be seen as risky move. But a homelessness charity found that consumers of this content were in a positive mindset to engage with its winter campaign.