illuma Pledges Support for ISBA’s Trust Framework

This week, ISBA announced a new trust framework based on five overarching actions that aims to improve public trust in digital advertising. Here at illuma, we champion personal data-free, transparent online advertising and welcome and support their ideals.

illuma wholeheartedly supports ISBA’s framework and will actively participate in the actions outlined and support others in the industry to do the same.


Those actions are:


1. To reduce advertising ‘bombardment’

2. To reduce excessive advertising frequency and re-targeting

3. To ensure that the ASA is “best in class”

4. To ensure that data privacy matters

5. To show that advertising can drive social change


Following huge advances and mass adoption of programmatic advertising technology over the past decade it’s time for advertisers, marketers, and ad tech companies to take responsibility for their actions and to realise there is more to what they do than just delivering ad impressions.  Illuma’s Managing Director, Jacqui Wallis said “We believe it is possible to act well, to put your customers at the heart of what you do, to meet with them online when they are more receptive to your message, and still deliver campaigns that meet your commercial goals.”


We agree that no consumer wants a constant barrage of sales messages and with the help of industry voices, like ISBA,  it’s time for the digital advertising industry to change its ways and invest in delivering campaigns based on consumer preferences and behaviour. With stricter legislation around the use of personal data, it’s more important than ever to look at context, content, and moments. At illuma we believe that the mindset of your audience matters most and can improve campaign performance.

If we as an industry focus on quality, brand safety, and transparency, we believe that everyone wins.


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