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Sentiment analysis is used by digital marketers to evaluate the tone of online content as positive or negative using a scale that ranges from -100 (extremely negative) to 100 (extremely positive). Typically, marketers employ a strategy of steering clear of placing their ads alongside any form of negative content for brand safety reasons.

Over the last couple of weeks, illuma’s data insights team has discovered that there is one type of negative content that can actually boost performance - negative content about your competitors!

In a recent campaign for a luxury airline, illuma found a high number of conversions coming from content relating to the struggles of competitor airlines, whether that be delays, cancellations or just bad customer experience.

Further analysis of the content revealed that the sentiment score was -28.4% proving that consumers are driven to engage with a brand not just because of its own virtues, messaging and targeting but perhaps also because of the pitfalls and drawbacks of its competitors.

Keen to learn more, our team dug into more data and found that this was not a one-off. We found a similar story in a campaign for a payday loans company, where content relating to users’ bad experiences with competitors drove significant numbers of conversions.

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