Insight: positive sentiment for Brexit is declining

With the amount of Brexit talk going on it can be difficult to understand who is supporting which position anymore. Most of us are confused, many are frustrated, and despite it filling many column inches, most of us are totally fed up with it. 

At illuma we have been analysing the audience sentiment about Brexit, ranking the positive to negative nature of the articles we have seen running through our sophisticated contextual technology. 

On our sentiment scale, where 0% is completely negative and 100% is completely positive, and where 50% would be neutral, we have seen that positivity about Brexit has been falling.   

This week we have seen the average Brexit article ranking at 29%, with the lowest ranking article at 18%  focusing specifically on Theresa May (‘Full list: amendments to May’s statement on defeat of her Brexit bill | Politics | The Guardian’) which would indicate a significant distrust/dislike of the current Prime Minister.

Highest ranking, at 45% was ‘Question Time: Brexiteer Suella Braverman raises eyebrows over remarks 'self-appointed MPs' have ruined Brexit’. Ironically this article which outright criticises MPs has seen the most positive sentiment, would be indicative of a complete lack of trust in MPs by the public at the current time.

Who knows, by the time you are reading this, we may have a whole new scenario on the horizon!