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Lightbulb Moments: travel and finance

Lightbulb Moments takes a look at topics that are tightly related but do not necessarily have a natural connection. Exploring these relationships allows illuma to identify other active mindsets and scale campaigns, without the need for third-party data. This week we’ve been looking at data from our travel clients’ campaigns.

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Finding Your Moment: unlocking audience mindset is the key to engaging more customers

illuma’s MD, Jacqui Wallis, believes that through AI, marketers are on the cusp of unlocking the precious fourth dimension of targeting - mindset. When combining with the traditional three dimensions of media planning - the right message, to the right audience, at the right time - mindset  delivers unparalleled advertising campaign performance.

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illuma included in Carat top 10 trends for 2019

illuma are proud to have been highlighted as a key technology for advertisers looking to scale audiences post-GDPR. For advertisers, the implications of the roll out of GDPR has been real and have impacted them on a number of fronts including a reduced reach across targeted audiences and difficulties tracking and attributing campaign performance.

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