Digital advertising budgets now exceed the amount spent on offline channels and brands are turning to digital advertising as a means to increase brand awareness as well as drive new business, according to Gartner. Furthermore, reach is now the primary reason why brand-based advertisers are using digital today, according to the House of Lords UK Advertising in a Digital Age report.

Traditionally, brand adverts are designed and measured against their ability to create brand awareness, whereas, direct response ads are geared towards driving sales. However, consumers engage with a given brand’s ads according to their individual mindset – meaning that consumer A may be unaware of your brand and thus seeing your ad will provoke awareness, but consumer B might already use your product or service. This means that all advertising needs to be able to, and measured against, brand awareness and direct response KPIs.

On average, brands will spend more than $10 million annually for their brand’s digital and mobile video, a 53% increase from 2016, according to the iab’s Video Ad Spend Study, April 2018. In line with this increase in investment, brands are increasingly seeking brand safe and relevant environments to share this highly engaging content. This is where illuma’s bespoke CDUs can come into play.

illuma’s CDUs

illuma has developed Content Distribution Units (CDUs) to enable brands to overcome the challenge of getting their video content in front of relevant audiences in brand safe environments. Our CDUs are powered by the same illuma algorithm that finds traditional display ad placement opportunities at exactly the right moment for maximum audience engagement. Our Content Distribution Units (CDUs) are designed to allow brands to grow their install base through increased brand awareness by enabling further distribution of rich content to a relevant audience. In order to achieve the maximum impact, they are built as larger units compared to traditional display ads and are available as either as a double MPU (300×600), a billboard (970×250), or a standard MPU (300×250) – which is available for both desktop and mobile.

CDUs are designed to make the most out of the hero piece – the video or content – and bring it to life. Brands are able to fully customise the design of their CDUs ensuring they meet all brand guidelines before being put into campaign rotation.

The ad below, created for Shelter’s Christmas campaign is a great example of an ad designed for both brand awareness and direct response. 

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