Understand your campaign audiences, without using cookies or identifiers

Illuma works in real time to uncover new audiences based on the content consumption of known users during live campaigns. During this process, valuable, actionable insights emerge about a brand’s customers and their online interests, without using cookies or identifiers.

Illuma Moment Targeting


Led by live data

The relationship between brand messaging and context changes moment-by-moment as a campaign unfolds. Illuma keeps step with this, analysing and adapting on the fly, led by live user interest.


No keywords, no guesswork

Unlike other solutions, Illuma makes no assumptions about where a brand’s customers will congregate online. Which means that actual content consumption can tell us a lot about their real interests and motivators.



Impactful insights

With Illuma, find out which content topics are proving effective for a campaign, what time of day or length of article inspires interest, and even the mindset of your customer when they respond to your messaging.


Downloadable data

Our end-to-end self-serve portal allows you to manage your campaign, view and understand these unique insights and export data so that you can include these valuable findings in your own reports.