Lightbulb Moments is a new series of insights from our data analysis team.

Lightbulb Moments takes a look at topics that are tightly related but do not necessarily have a natural connection. Exploring these relationships allows illuma to identify other active mindsets and scale campaigns, without the need for third-party data. 

This week we’ve been looking at data from our travel clients’ campaigns and have found that when consumers research holidays, finance is at the top of their mind.

Finance content took the lion’s share of content that drove conversions at 15.1%. Further analysis revealed that this was split equally between personal finance and more macro-economics.

Topics included:

  • Best savings rates: Compare branch and online savings accounts | This is Money
  • Monetary Policy vs. Fiscal Policy: What’s the Difference?
  • The 5 Sectors of the Economy
  • The Salary Calculator – Take-Home tax calculator
  • Share dealing: £12.50 no annual fee plus cheap cert sales | This is Money

This means that for travel advertisers, expanding campaign targeting beyond content related to holidays and other travel-related themes is a great way to reach additional audiences that are close to making a purchase. This strategy can dramatically improve the scale and efficiency of programmatic campaigns.

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