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How illuma technology discovers your Customer Peers




Rachel engages with your ad.

We see she was reading about yoga at the point of engagement.



If we target similar yoga-related content right now, we reach Rachel’s peer group and they show similar levels of engagement with your ad.

We call these Rachel’s customer peers® and because there are plenty of pages about yoga, we can find lots of them.


There are lots of contexts that help us discover your Customer Peers.

Andrew engages with the same ad. We see he was reading about international football. Once again we immediately target content about international football.


Just like before, when we target content about international football we see high levels of engagement with your ad.



Now imagine you’re doing this, in real time, with hundreds of engaged users each with a unique content signal


Scaling your campaigns intelligently is about spotting and acting on moments where interests converge so that you can reach and engage your Customers’ Peers

These are moments when the people you need to reach are focused on similar types of content, making them mentally available with an open mind to your brand offering