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Illuma is contextual targeting technology that learns from online browsing behaviour

Our technology learns and reacts to the live content consumption of your target audience. Then it expands your campaign into similar contexts, delivering greater scale, increased relevance and better results, whatever your campaign goals.

Why choose Illuma

Real machine learning, real-time results

AI-powered technology which works during live campaigns, learning and expanding in real time to find relevant new audiences at scale.

Contextual meets behavioural

Contextual prospecting powered by live audience behaviour. The scale and privacy of contextual targeting with the relevance of behavioural.

Cookieless and privacy-friendly

Better reach, relevance and performance, without relying on cookies, personal data or identifiers. Compliant with GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy.

Our products

Moment Targeting™

The AI recommendation engine that brings greater reach and relevance to your campaign while it’s live. Moment Targeting is our core product, used by brands and agencies the world over

Smart Categories™

Contexts chosen and adapted on the fly by our AI system. Target unlimited keywords, with new ones found and selected dynamically during a live campaign.

Illuma Partners™

Enhance your audience offering with Illuma’s contextual AI. Contextual modelling for data solutions providers to add even more value to client campaigns.

Smart Deals™

The win-win solution for publishers, traders and advertisers. Our publisher tool evolves static PMPs and deals to optimised ones that select inventory dynamically using AI.

Who we work with

Case studies


Electronics company Ricoh uses Illuma to grow reach and sales.

Nest Pensions

NEST Pensions turned to Illuma to grow its business sign-ups.


Housing charity Shelter boosts donations and affinity using Illuma.

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Get started with Illuma

Find out how contextual AI can work for you.