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The enlightened way to grow online


Powerful contextual prospecting without using personal data

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illuma uses uniquely powerful AI technology to help brands find new customers online 


here's how

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illuma is different

With standard online advertising approaches, the more effective your optimisation, the smaller your world becomes


With illuma, optimisation and scaling are no longer opposing ideas

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illuma =
scaling + efficiency for your online campaigns

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illuma finds your Customer Peers® by understanding, in real time, how context influences ad engagement

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how well does illuma work?

Powerfully. Here’s what some of our clients say...


How Ricoh is scaling its success with illuma

Javier Diez-Aguirre
Vice President, Corporate Marketing CSP and Environment
Ricoh Europe

How NEST Pensions went from 0 to >6m customers with illuma

Ranila Ravi-Burslem
Former Director of Marketing
NEST Pensions

How Shelter delivered targeted campaigns with illuma

Eoghan Beecher
Digital Fundraising Manager
Shelter UK

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illuma and your brand

illuma works powerfully whatever your brand strategy



  • Build brand profile, reach and engagement

  • Discover new audiences in new contexts

  • Use whitelisting to protect your brand image

  • For B2B, B2C or hybrid brands



  • Drive performance, increase conversations

  • Engage with motivated new customers in more places

  • Unlike intent-based platforms, illuma is action-oriented

  • For B2B, B2C or hybrid brands


who's using illuma

Some of our recent clients