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Illuma is contextual advertising technology with an intelligent difference.

Illuma uses AI to learn from online browsing behaviour during live campaigns, identifying and reacting to the content consumption of your target audiences. Using these insights, Illuma expands your campaign into similar high-performing contexts instantly and dynamically, finding engaged new audiences at scale.

Illuma delivers relevance, reach and results, whatever your campaign goals.

The Illuma advantage

Scale with relevance

Illuma works during live campaigns, learning and expanding in real time to find relevant new audiences at scale. While other technology is static and pre-defined, Illuma reacts to find new opportunities based on live intelligence.

Certainty, not guesswork

The relationship between context and ad engagement changes constantly. Illuma keeps in step by removing predefined guesswork and instead targeting impressions based on what is working, moment to moment, during each campaign.

Cookieless and privacy-friendly

Illuma delivers better reach, relevance, and performance, without relying on cookies, personal data or identifiers. Illuma is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy, and, more importantly, with users’ desire to protect their personal data online.

Illuma products and tools

illuma reacts logo

Illuma Reacts™ is our core product, used by brands and agencies the world over. It’s an AI-powered ad-targeting engine that brings greater scale, reach and relevance to your live campaigns.

Specialist tools can be built onto Illuma Reacts allowing you to theme your targeting, integrate Illuma into your own platform, or better-monetise your published content.


illuma smart categories logo

Use Smart Categories™ to steer your campaign towards themed content, such as sport, motoring or finance. Keywords are dynamically updated and specific contexts are then chosen and adapted on the fly by our AI system.

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illuma partners logo

Bring relevant scale to your client campaigns by integrating Illuma into your own platforms and products. Expand your first-party data lists and boost results by finding new, relevant, lookalike audiences while a campaign is live.

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Better-monetise your published content by optimising PMPs and deals to select inventory dynamically. Push the right inventory at the right time, and bring greater value to every impression. A win-win for publishers, traders and brands.

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Who we work with

Case studies


Electronics company Ricoh uses Illuma to grow reach and sales.

Nest Pensions

NEST Pensions turned to Illuma to grow its business sign-ups.


Housing charity Shelter boosts donations and affinity using Illuma.


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