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Boost the results of digital ad campaigns with illuma’s privacy-friendly targeting tools – a performant, scalable alternative to third-party cookies

Find relevant new audiences across platforms with illuma Reacts™

Expand campaigns contextually using illuma Reacts™, a privacy-friendly way to reach relevant new audiences, across platforms, at scale.

illuma’s AI works during live campaigns, analysing the live contextual patterns and first-party engagements which are driving results on the open web. It then scales out across the web, apps and CTV, to find similar new audiences who are engaging with similar high-performing content, without using personal data or cookies.

Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts
Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts

Expand first-party audiences with illuma Reacts+

Using Contextual-AI, Reacts+™ models your brand’s known audiences in real-time, bringing relevant scale to every campaign.

Audience interests are fluid and changeable, making it hard to predict where relevant new customers will congregate online. Our privacy-friendly lookalike technology reacts to the live interests of first-party audiences while a campaign is running, acting as a bespoke audience expansion tool for each audience being targeted.

Supercharge your campaign with Precision Categories™

With 400+ highly relevant categories across web and CTV, illuma Precision Categories™ greatly enhances the granularity, and therefore performance, of each campaign.

Precision Categories™ bring a new level of accuracy to contextual targeting, by combining the speed of Machine Learning with the intelligence and accuracy of AI.

Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts
Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts

Expand towards proven success, with Precision Smart Categories™

Traditional keyword targeting limits the scale and performance of your campaign and can be prone to inaccuracy.

illuma’s AI-driven Smart Categories technology detects high-performing content within your chosen context, adapting to target similar contexts on the fly as these change throughout the live campaign.

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