About us

Illuma was founded in London in 2016 by a team of data scientists and media experts who wanted to develop better ad targeting, which delivers real-world results.

About us

What we do

Illuma is AI-powered contextual ad targeting that works without relying on cookies or identifiers. Illuma is guided instead by insights from live audience browsing behaviour, expanding in real time to find relevant new audiences at scale. Find out more in the video below.

Targeting the unpredictable

We know the content a person is viewing the moment an ad is served can influence their mindset. In turn, this effects how likely they are to be open to campaign messaging. Yet traditional approaches to online ad targeting are based on static assumptions about audience and contextual relevance, set before a campaign starts. They can often miss these live, unpredictable contextual moments.

Keeping up with these fleeting shifts in audience mindset – and acting on them in real time – has simply never been possible. Until now. 

The Illuma difference

Illuma is contextual technology powered by live user behaviour. If one type of content is working well for a campaign, we immediately expand into similar quality content, in real time. In this way, we find relevant new users, at scale, when they are most likely to be open to brand messaging.

For advertisers, this means the best of contextual targeting with the best of behavioural. It means no cookies or identifiers, no guesswork and no inaccurate predictions based on past data or keywords. Instead, Illuma provides live optimisation and better results, at scale.

Meet the team

The Illuma team is made up of smart, curious people who are passionate about shaping the future of privacy-friendly advertising.

Sonia Pham


Sonia has outstanding industry knowledge on both buy and sell sides; she leads product development, business analysis and Illuma operations from London.

Dr Yu Liu


Yu is a machine learning and data scientist supremo and holds a PhD from Imperial College, London. He specialises in applying data engineering to advertising.

Maitane Torca

Client Success

Mai leads global client success from Illuma HQ in London. She is a contextual expert and helped launched Europe’s first contextual ad network in 2008.

Rayhaan Al-Marzuq


Rayhaan has a Masters in Engineering
from Queen Mary University and
specialises in front end development. He works on Illuma’s tools and platforms. 

Kevin McElroy

Business Development

Kevin leads Illuma operations in the US from his base in New York. He’s the former SVP of Grapeshot and is a specialist in contextual advertising solutions.

Malik Ogungbo

Client Success

Malik looks after UK and EMEA accounts, working with clients at brands and agencies to run their campaigns and provide ongoing strategic support.

Rong Gu


Rong has an MSc in Advance Computing Science from the University of St Andrews. He looks after data processing, product development and platform integrations.

Peter Mason


Peter is a media specialist who has spent his career advancing contextual solutions which benefit publishers and brands. He co-founded Illuma with the data science team in 2015.

David Evans

Business Development

David leads agency and brand relationships across EMEA from London. He is highly experienced in adtech solutions, and in supporting client business growth.

Javier Mazon Echevarria


Javier is one of Illuma’s data analysts. He specialises in statistics, data science and economics and has an MSc in Statistics from the London School of Economics.

Allison Hartnett

Client Success

Allison offers strategic support to US clients, working closely with them to set up campaigns, leverage tools and share best practice. She has a wealth of experience, both buy and sell-side.

Alby Skrelji

Business Development

Alby offers strategic development to Illuma clients in the US. As former Programmatic Lead at Pernod Ricard, he brings a strong understanding of brand and agency needs.