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Extend first-party audiences, optimise towards client KPIs and target content with pinpoint accuracy using illuma’s AI tools

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Performance and scale without using cookies

illuma’s AI-powered targeting technology ensures granular contextual accuracy for every brand campaign.

Our AI tools dynamically learn and extend campaigns from first-party signals, ID-based audiences and partner data, to drive performance at scale, across platforms.


AI-powered accuracy and enhanced revenues

illuma’s publisher tools dynamically curate inventory based on live engagement and performance, and optimise towards client KPIs.

Human-in-the-loop contextual categorisation ensures a granular understanding of inventory and reader interests, while audience extension capability models and scales your first-party audiences for real-time expansion.

Data partners

Extended seed sets for relevance at scale

Drive performance at scale by extending your seed data sets, using illuma’s privacy-friendly AI tools, which model the interests of known users in real time.

Or extend campaign distribution channels by finding relevant inventory, optimised towards client campaign KPIs.

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