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Enhance contextual accuracy across your inventory, improve the user experience and unlock new revenues by optimising live campaigns

Increase reach and revenue, while protecting user privacy, with illuma Reacts™

Reach users in the right moments across your published inventory by identifying, modelling and expanding campaigns based on live contextual signals.

illuma Reacts™ keeps pace with audience interests as they change during live campaigns, drawing on emotion, sentiment, keywords, metadata and live content consumption patterns. Our industry-leading recommendation engine then optimises across display and CTV for increased revenue opportunities. Reacts can be activated in direct or programmatic plans.

Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts
Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts

Enhanced accuracy for superior categorisation and monetisation, with illuma Precision

Unlock revenues and minimise blocking –our AI tool illuma Precision™ combines the intelligence and accuracy of AI with the speed of Machine Learning, for a sophisticated and granular understanding of content and user interests.

illuma Precision™ automatically categorises content into 700+ taxonomies, both IAB and media-specific/bespoke, allowing a seamless sell process based on the URLs being consumed by core target audiences. What is more, a superior reading of nuance, sentiment and intent helps to minimise brand-safety blocking.

Curate deals for buyers based on real-time performance, with illuma Smart Deals™

Dynamically build custom deals based on real-time DSP performance. illuma Smart Deals™ allows you to adjust targeting according to live performance, connecting brands with audiences wherever they are most engaged with your content.

Smart Deals™ optimises towards campaign KPIs for superior results, and makes use of the full breadth of published inventory. A revenue-driving solution for publishers which is compatible with all major DSPs and SSPs.

Contextual targeting - illuma Reacts

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