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illuma is contextual technology with an intelligent difference.

illuma uses Contextual-AI to create solutions for enterprise. Its real-time scaling technology is used by brands and agencies to boost the results of digital advertising campaigns.

Meanwhile, broadcasters, publishers and online platforms use illuma to organise, classify and categorise their inventory for commercial activation.

The illuma advantage

For Brands and Agencies

Boost your digital ad campaigns with illuma’s privacy-friendly tools – performant, scalable alternatives to third-party cookies.

For Publishers

Enhance contextual accuracy, improve the user experience and unlock revenues with live campaign optimisation.

For Platforms and Partners

Extend first-party audiences, optimise towards client KPIs and target quality content with pinpoint accuracy.

Who we work with

illuma is one of the greatest contextual providers we have ever worked with, and we have seen strong results from their contextual segments. Customer support is also excellent - always ready to help and assist.
Klaudija Paterebaite, Programmatic Team Lead

Given the changes in the media landscape and a new preoccupation about targeting relevant users without cookies, after extensive research we came across illuma. When we tested illuma lines at JOLT Digital, the results were outstanding, driving 51% of the total DSP conversions.
Mariana Ahamad, Senior Account Director

illuma's advanced contextual segments have quickly become the best performing lines in our campaigns. illuma works with our in-house Copilot optimisation, making the activation very straightforward. Its reactive contextual technology is proving to be a great solution for the coming cookieless world.
Douglas Bauer, Digital Director


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Scale and addressability in CTV –
they’re happening thanks to Contextual-AI

05 September 2023. By Wieger Holvoet, programmatic technical lead, Dentsu 

By collaborating across platforms using illuma’s contextual-AI, Dentsu and Warner Bros Discovery are bringing addressability to their CTV campaigns. Find out more>

In the news

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Adweek: Zeotap partners with illuma for contextual expansion of audience data

10 January 2024

NEWS: Zeotap and illuma combine forces to bring user insights and campaign scale to advertisers post-cookie

Programmatic Mexico: Kellogg’s boosts results using illuma’s Contextual AI

23 May 2023

NEWS: Breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s enjoys enhanced results thanks to partnership with Xaxis LatAm and illuma.

The Guardian: Guardian agrees deal with illuma

20 April 2023

NEWS: World-first partnership announced; illuma to categorise Guardian pages for contextual advertising while protecting publisher’s intellectual property rights.

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