About us


illumaTM uses AI to deliver advanced contextual ad targeting, helping brands prospect more effectively. We uncover relevant new audiences, without personal data.

The key to our success is our ability to model the interests of customers in real-time. Most prospecting solutions rely on historical data or are driven by assumptions that a particular segment is right for a brand. By contrast, our real-time recommendation system changes continuously and is driven by machine learning algorithms that constantly optimise campaigns, maximising ROI.

illuma’s clients operate in an increasingly complex advertising environment. Its mission is to make their programmatic advertising activities more profitable, simple and scalable.



who we are

illuma is a London-based, independent advertising technology company building tools to enhance outcomes from programmatic media trading.

Our team is a mix of international media leaders and post-graduate level data scientists.

Our machine learning technology is robust, and has been deployed in more than 2,000 highly successful advertising campaigns.



what we stand for

We believe programmatic trading needs more open and transparent practices.

We want to empower the real value creators in the advertising ecosystem: brands building great products, and publishers producing premium content.

We use sophisticated technology to create simple solutions that drive commercial benefits for savvy clients.