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Scale and relevance for Connected-TV
Online audiences move fluidly between platforms. Yet targeting has largely remained disconnected and siloed – until now.

Illuma Compass™ is a unique way for brands to move seamlessly between the web and CTV, targeting in the same way that audiences consume content – fluidly and on-demand.

Matching audience behaviour

Most CTV-buying is done statically, at publisher level, using an ID or a basic contextual category. These options can limit scale and don’t allow for flexibility in the targeting decision.

Using Illuma Compass™, traders and marketers can buy CTV live and dynamically, using cookieless insights from audience behaviour learned in other areas of the campaign, where engagement can be tracked.

With Illuma Compass™, for the first time, brands can move fluidly between platforms, matching the realities of audience behaviour.

Cross-platform intelligence

llluma Compass™ works during live campaigns, learning from page-level, cookieless behaviour signals from campaigns on the open web, where data is more available. It then uses this intelligence to make smarter targeting decisions in CTV. In the process, Illuma brings reliable behavioural data into CTV-buying for the first time.

By adding Illuma Compass™ into their targeting, marketers can accurately respond to the rapidly changing interests of different, relevant audiences, across platforms, in real time. This brings scale, relevance and success to CTV campaigns, in unpredictable places.