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The three Cs in CTV-buying: Contextual, consistency and clean rooms

10 June 2022

OPINION: Contextual signals are now connecting CTV with other channels – what we need now is better, cleaner data, says Peter Mason.

Supporting retailers with real-time targeting technology

27 April 2022

NEWS: Illuma makes key appointment as it supports retailers and other first-party data owners with identity shift

AI brings scale and relevance to CTV

9 February 2022

NEWS: Introducing Illuma Compass – intelligent targeting for a connected world 

How contextual is re-thinking relevance

8 December 2021

OPINION: Peter Mason looks at how contextual is moving away from keywords towards live campaign data.

Predictions 2022 – ExchangeWire experts look at CTV, TV and video

1 December 2021

COMMENT: Illuma’s Peter Mason predicts better buying tools and a greater role for live data in CTV.

A chat with Maitane Torca, co-founder of Illuma

6 July 2021

INTERVIEW: Maitane Torca speaks with TechRound about Illuma’s roots, navigating growth and women in adtech.

Contextual meets behavioural – The best of both worlds?

12 May 2021

OPINION: Peter Mason talks to MarTech Series about a new direction for advertising.

Illuma and Eyeota partner to deliver global scalable audience expansion for the post-cookie world

10 May 2021

NEWS: Partnership demonstrates to the industry that scale and relevance are not mutually exclusive.

User privacy, bigger scale, better relevance? The cookieless future looks bright

7 April 2021

OPINION: Dentsu’s Ricardo Honing on why Illuma is a key partner in the cookieless future.

WNIP report into cookieless targeting

24 March 2021

COMMENT: Illuma’s Moment Targeting™ among a new wave of AI-contextual.

Why people-powered contextual is the next chapter

23 March 2021

OPINION: As Google nixes identifers, the future lies between audience and context.

Protecting the open web – why identity is only part of the puzzle

17 February 2021

OPINION: Illuma’s Peter Mason on scaling campaigns using context, not cookies.

IPA Bellwether Q4 2020 – adtech responds

2 February 2021

COMMENT: Real-time data is key in a time of uncertainty, says Illuma.

PwC Raise

26 January 2021

NEWS: Illuma set for rapid growth as it starts Series A fundraise programme.

2021 Predictions: Identity

14 January 2021

COMMENT: Smart advertisers should start re-thinking relevance, says Illuma.


Future of contextual

25 October 2020

INTERVIEW: Illuma’s Peter Mason on using AI to power contextual in real time.

Future of programmatic

6 October 2020

COMMENT: Illuma on contextual targeting and the power of quality content.

Personalisation – how to get it right?

3 September 2020

COMMENT: Illuma on achieving relevance and scale without using identifiers.

Future of indentity post-cookie

2 September 2020

COMMENT: Illuma’s Peter Mason debates identity on a panel with Xandr.

Illuma expands to the US

11 June 2020

NEWS: Former Grapeshot SVP Kevin McElroy takes Illuma to US traders.

What’s happening in adtech this month

1 May 2020

NEWS: Illuma’s brand uplift report included in industry roundup.

Illuma outperforms Kantar brand uplift norms

2 April 2020

NEWS: Brand affinity and online ad awareness exceed industry benchmarks.

The hijacking of privacy for monopolisation

26 February 2020

COMMENT: Illuma’s Sonia Pham on what’s next for Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

IPA Bellweather report Q4 2019

15 January 2020

COMMENT: Digital spend to soar 8% – Illuma on tools which scale success.

Google to phase out cookies from Chrome

15 January 2020

COMMENT: Illuma reflect on Google’s steps towards a privacy-first web.


Adtech 2020 predictions

20 December 2019

COMMENT: Illuma looks ahead and finds cookieless solutions still top concern.

Predictions 2020 – contextual targeting

18 December 2019

COMMENT: Illuma’s Sonia Pham on the tools offering compliance and results.

Is my campaign really limited to audience segments?

14 December 2019

OPINION: How contextual targeting can teach us new things about audiences.

Illuma develops Peer Group Targeting technology

4 December 2019

NEWS: AI-powered contextual technology delivers both relevance and scale.

Behavioural targeting – the show will go on

4 October 2019

COMMENT: How AI is allowing us to act on live audience behaviour.

Start preparing for a world without cookies

9 September 2019

OPINION: Illuma’s Peter Mason on how to target ads without personal data.

Not shooting blind, but shooting smart

19 August 2019

OPINION: How live content consumption teaches us about audiences.

AA/WARC report – UK ad spend hits £6bn

30 July 2019

COMMENT: Confidence is high, but compliant tools are now needed, says Illuma.

It’s time for advertisers to ditch the data

16 July 2019

OPINION: Cookies are on the way out – the industry needs to go data-free.

Context and mindset more important than audience or loyalty

26 June 2019

OPINION: Advertisers must prioritise context and mindset in purchasing decisions.

Illuma receives EDAA Trust Seal from the ABC

28 May 2019

NEWS: Accolade reflects commitment to quality and transparency.

Stop wasting your programmatic ad spend

03 May 2019

OPINION: Illuma’s Jacqui Wallis on finding better-engaged audiences.

The fight for quality content must continue

17 April 2019

OPINION: Why quality advertising relies on quality content.