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Solving first-party audience expansion using AI

28 October 2022

OPINION: Prof Alex Rogers from the University of Oxford and Illuma’s Dr Yu Liu on using AI to scale known audiences at speed.

Illuma continues global growth with key new appointment

16 September 2022

NEWS: Former Procter & Gamble executive Rosa Almarza joins Illuma as Global Client Director, to lead its growing network.

Contextual 2.0 – the best of both worlds

18 August 2022

OPINION: Contextual targeting has evolved to include live behavioural signals – you could say it’s the best of both worlds. By Peter Mason.

Contextual is having its moment

07 May 2022

INTERVIEW: Early pioneer of contextual targeting, John Snyder, speaks to AdExchanger about Illuma and next-generation contextual.

The three Cs in CTV-buying: Contextual, consistency and clean rooms

10 June 2022

OPINION: Contextual signals are now connecting CTV with other channels – what we need now is better, cleaner data, says Peter Mason.

Supporting retailers with real-time targeting technology

27 April 2022

NEWS: Illuma makes key appointment as it supports retailers and other first-party data owners with identity shift.

AI brings scale and relevance to CTV

9 February 2022

NEWS: Introducing Illuma Compass – intelligent cross-platform targeting for a connected world.


How contextual is re-thinking relevance

8 December 2021

OPINION: Peter Mason looks at how contextual is moving away from keywords towards live campaign data.

Predictions 2022 – ExchangeWire experts look at CTV, TV and video

1 December 2021

COMMENT: Illuma’s Peter Mason predicts better buying tools and a greater role for live data in CTV.

A chat with Maitane Torca, co-founder of Illuma

6 July 2021

INTERVIEW: Maitane Torca speaks with TechRound about Illuma’s roots, navigating growth and women in adtech.

Contextual meets behavioural – The best of both worlds?

12 May 2021

OPINION: Peter Mason talks to MarTech Series about a new direction for advertising.

Illuma and Eyeota partner to deliver global scalable audience expansion for the post-cookie world

10 May 2021

NEWS: Partnership demonstrates to the industry that scale and relevance are not mutually exclusive.

User privacy, bigger scale, better relevance? The cookieless future looks bright

7 April 2021

OPINION: Dentsu’s Ricardo Honing on why Illuma is a key partner in the cookieless future.

WNIP report into cookieless targeting

24 March 2021

COMMENT: Illuma’s Moment Targeting™ among a new wave of AI-contextual.

Why people-powered contextual is the next chapter

23 March 2021

OPINION: As Google nixes identifers, the future lies between audience and context.

Protecting the open web – why identity is only part of the puzzle

17 February 2021

OPINION: Illuma’s Peter Mason on scaling campaigns using context, not cookies.

IPA Bellwether Q4 2020 – adtech responds

2 February 2021

COMMENT: Real-time data is key in a time of uncertainty, says Illuma.

PwC Raise

26 January 2021

NEWS: Illuma set for rapid growth as it starts Series A fundraise programme.

2021 Predictions: Identity

14 January 2021

COMMENT: Smart advertisers should start re-thinking relevance, says Illuma.


Future of contextual

25 October 2020

INTERVIEW: Illuma’s Peter Mason on using AI to power contextual in real time.

Future of programmatic

6 October 2020

COMMENT: Illuma on contextual targeting and the power of quality content.

Personalisation – how to get it right?

3 September 2020

COMMENT: Illuma on achieving relevance and scale without using identifiers.

Future of indentity post-cookie

2 September 2020

COMMENT: Illuma’s Peter Mason debates identity on a panel with Xandr.

Illuma expands to the US

11 June 2020

NEWS: Former Grapeshot SVP Kevin McElroy takes Illuma to US traders.

What’s happening in adtech this month

1 May 2020

NEWS: Illuma’s brand uplift report included in industry roundup.

Illuma outperforms Kantar brand uplift norms

2 April 2020

NEWS: Brand affinity and online ad awareness exceed industry benchmarks.

The hijacking of privacy for monopolisation

26 February 2020

COMMENT: Illuma’s Sonia Pham on what’s next for Google’s Privacy Sandbox.

IPA Bellweather report Q4 2019

15 January 2020

COMMENT: Digital spend to soar 8% – Illuma on tools which scale success.

Google to phase out cookies from Chrome

15 January 2020

COMMENT: Illuma reflect on Google’s steps towards a privacy-first web.


Adtech 2020 predictions

20 December 2019

COMMENT: Illuma looks ahead and finds cookieless solutions still top concern.

Predictions 2020 – contextual targeting

18 December 2019

COMMENT: Illuma’s Sonia Pham on the tools offering compliance and results.

Is my campaign really limited to audience segments?

14 December 2019

OPINION: How contextual targeting can teach us new things about audiences.

Illuma develops Peer Group Targeting technology

4 December 2019

NEWS: AI-powered contextual technology delivers both relevance and scale.

Behavioural targeting – the show will go on

4 October 2019

COMMENT: How AI is allowing us to act on live audience behaviour.

Start preparing for a world without cookies

9 September 2019

OPINION: Illuma’s Peter Mason on how to target ads without personal data.

Not shooting blind, but shooting smart

19 August 2019

OPINION: How live content consumption teaches us about audiences.

AA/WARC report – UK ad spend hits £6bn

30 July 2019

COMMENT: Confidence is high, but compliant tools are now needed, says Illuma.

It’s time for advertisers to ditch the data

16 July 2019

OPINION: Cookies are on the way out – the industry needs to go data-free.

Context and mindset more important than audience or loyalty

26 June 2019

OPINION: Advertisers must prioritise context and mindset in purchasing decisions.

Illuma receives EDAA Trust Seal from the ABC

28 May 2019

NEWS: Accolade reflects commitment to quality and transparency.

Stop wasting your programmatic ad spend

03 May 2019

OPINION: Illuma’s Jacqui Wallis on finding better-engaged audiences.

The fight for quality content must continue

17 April 2019

OPINION: Why quality advertising relies on quality content.