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28.11.18 Building a Balance between Data and Consumer Trust

"For the sake of consumer trust, as well as the future health of the industry, it’s imperative that new approaches and greater diversity in tactics are explored."

9.11.18 Hooked on a feeling: The forgotten factor in online advertising

We're stuck using outmoded concepts such as segmentation and demographic groups, when what marketers should be seeking is a prospect's mood or mindset.

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3.10.18 AI – Game Changer, or Just the Latest Marketing Buzzword?

illuma MD Jacqui Wallis asks - is now the time we start to really understand the difference between truly smart technology and hype?


7.9.18 Mood Is Online Advertising’s Missing Piece

In its simplest form, personal targeting is a system of categorising people – demographically, or as ‘intenders’ for various products. It’s a system of absolutes, inherited from the pre-internet era, where our online lives are anything but.


3.8.18 Does Ad Tech Dream of Electric Sheep?

Is it any accident “user,” “target” and “eyeballs” have all become part of the ad industry lingua franca? Whatever happened to people, in all their complexity, with all their needs and wants and dislikes?


6.7.18 Post-GDPR, How Many Will Really Opt Out Of Personal Targeting?

Ultimately, we now live in an opt-in world, but the dust has yet to fully settle. When it does, the public’s love or hate of targeting may yet play a bigger role in ad tech’s future.


19.4.18 How Brands Find The Human In AI

illuma Managing Director Jacqui Wallis explains why the biggest mistake made regarding AI is thinking it’s automatic, autonomous, and doesn’t require humans to succeed. And when it comes to programmatic, that we’re engaged in a battle between AI and human.

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13.4.18 For ad tech as for Facebook, sharing isn’t always caring

One thing that’s clear in all of this is that politicians and lawmakers finally see how powerful the tech giants really are. And that in the wrong hands, data is not the new oil, it’s the new nitroglycerine.

6.11.18 Move Slow and Mend Things

Advertising is facing deep challenges right now, and the time for faking it is over. How did we get to where we are, and how can we do things differently? It's time to find a new mantra if advertising wants to at least slow its slide into public distrust, writes Jacqui Wallis.


3.10.18 Programmatic, Meet Mood

Programmatic may give us the warm glow of diminished risk, even security… But how does it stack up as actually executed, versus how we think and act as humans?


16.08.18 Why Ad Misplacement Will Become Less of a Concern in 2018

From GDPR, to in housing, even to RTB 3.0 - three major areas where programmatic is now making real progress as ad misplacement becomes less of a concern in 2018.

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12.7.18 What’s Holding Back AI in Marketing?

Wider understanding of AI will usher in more creative, diverse approaches – beyond what has effectively already become the ‘standard’, and as a result may already be starting to see limited effectiveness.


8.6.18 3 Reasons Advertising is Back in Context

Contextual advertising has been around since the ‘00s. Though the advertising industry has in recent years largely focused on personal rather than page data, the tide is now turning, and contextual is more important than ever, writes illuma CTO Peter Mason.


2.5.18 As Consumers Wise Up, APAC Marketers Must Rethink Their Data Use

Consumers are now more aware of the amount of their data that is being shared and collected by third parties, and how sophisticated data-driven profiling has become. By and large, they aren’t fond of it.


22.12.17 Tracking Is Dead. Long Live Advertising!

Developing reach intelligently requires a system that understands both the advertiser’s message and the context in which people encounter the ad. Certain messages may do better in certain contexts than others.