As travel brands look towards the peak booking season, finding holidaymakers in a planning mindset will be crucial to campaign success ✈️

Illuma’s unique contextual insights enable brands to identify the contexts producing the best engagement or awareness, and then scale activity without compromising performance.

Illuma works during live campaigns, reacting to the contexts where audiences are receptive to your brand. Using industry-leading AI, it expands in real time into similar contexts across the web and CTV – giving you first-class resultsthroughout the campaign flight.

What is more, by working across contextual topics, your travel brand is less likely to run alongside competitors.

The result is a cookieless, cross-platform campaign, optimised for successagainst your own KPIs and built on a true understanding of travel audience behaviour.

Illuma campaigns can be set up within 24 hours across all major DSPs. So get in touch or access our self-serve campaign portal, Illumaland, today.