The 2022 FIFA World Cup is a huge opportunity for advertisers, right at the start of the festive shopping season 🛍️. 

The tournament takes place in winter for the first time, filling those dark days in the US and Europe, and more audiences than ever are expected to watch via streaming platforms – a huge boost for smart brands using the latest data-driven targeting tools.   

Reach millions of engaged viewers watching hours of the best football on Earth, with illuma‘s World Cup Smart Category™ segment.

illuma‘s reactive technology works during live campaigns, responding to the contexts where your audience is engaging with your brand. Using AI, it then expands in real time into similar best-performing contexts across the web and CTV – keeping you one step ahead of the game

The result is a cookieless, cross-platform campaign which is optimised for success against your own KPIs, during one of the most exciting tournaments in world sport.

illuma’s World Cup Smart Category can be set up within 24 hours across all major DSPs. So get in touch or access our self-serve campaign portal, illumaland, today.