Ricoh, a workplace technology and service provider that empowers digital workplaces to work smarter, has scaled its business using illuma’s powerful, machine learning-powered digital marketing solution. In this blog post, Javier Diez-Aguirre, Vice President, Corporate Marketing CSP and Environment, Ricoh Europe, tells the story of their success.

Working with illuma we saw great results from our first pilot campaign: our web traffic increased; engagement time increased, and when we looked at the quality of the leads we were getting from illuma we saw that the conversion rate to sales was significantly better compared to leads from other online advertising campaigns.

Based on the success of the initial pilot campaigns, we have scaled the activity we do with illuma and now run campaigns in nine countries, and are planning to roll out activity across a further 16 markets.

Another benefit of working with illuma is that we have learned much more about the importance of real-time data which has allowed us to learn the context in which our target audience operates rather than just the content they engage with. These learnings mean that we understand our audience as individuals rather than make assumptions based on historical third-party data which we found is often out-dated or inaccurate.

We were then able to use illuma’s machine learning to create our own segments that are much more targeted and allows us to have conversations with individual consumers based on context.

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