As 2022 draws to a close, we asked some of the team to predict the key trends and challenges that will face agency traders in 2023. No surprise they honed straight in on the need to find effective cookieless solutions. Also high on their lists were the need for relevant scale, unifed CTV solutions, decisioning technology, and better ways to optimise campaigns in curated marketplaces. Read on to find out more…

Yiu Lu, Head of Data and Technology: “There is an ongoing challenge for advertising to accurately target contextual categories without losing the ability to significantly scale. At illuma, we are able to overcome such challenges thanks to our proprietary categorisation engine which combines human intelligence and deep learning.”

Sonia Pham, Head of Product: “With curated marketplaces exploding this year, I can see traders looking at ways to better manage their campaigns in these spaces – especially given  the limitations around cookies and inventory. The most effective strategies will ensure campaigns can scale, perform and also remain compliant.”

Kevin McElroy, Chief Revenue Officer: “As third party cookie deprecation draws closer (Q4 2024), agency traders will need to find cookieless, future-proof partners that enable them to maintain performance and reach. By testing new solutions in 2023, and comparing the results, they’ll be better equipped to tackle the future.”

David Evans, EMEA Sales Director: “Traders will need decisioning technology that can identify the most performant ad impressions without the need for teams to be consumed by manual optimisations.”

Allison Hartnett, Senior Director Client Success: “With such a high number of CTV apps, platforms and devices, marketers will be challenged to find the best way to reach their audiences whilst also managing frequency across the different supply sources.”

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