As the busy season approaches, the team have been creating new illuma themed segments, around key times such as sport events, retail and holidays, using our reactive contextual technology. 

illuma’s Seasonal Segments™ dynamically analyse hundreds of contexts relevant to each event, reacting and expanding into contexts where your audience is engaging with your brand.

Segments now include:

  • The US Open
  • Back To School
  • NFL
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • FIFA World Cup
  • …many more!

The result is a cookieless, cross-platform, seasonal ad campaign which is optimised for success against your own KPIs.

*CTV top-up*  Segments are also available in CTV for the US and UK, so you can top up your Black Friday Seasonal Segment™ with a CTV Shopping deal.

illuma is contextual targeting with an intelligent difference. Rather than working to preselected keywords, our core recommendation engine, illuma Reacts, identifies all the content working each day for your campaign. It then dynamically updates the deal with similar high-performing content, maintaining performance and scale.

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