New for 2019! Illuma Quarterly Insights Reports - Charity Marketing

Here at illuma we believe in sharing, which is  why we have decided to launch our Quarterly Insights Reports! These reports are based on our own campaign data and knowledge gained from working with clients in specific sectors. Our first report focuses on charities. We hope you find it useful!

Recent Charity Insights

We understand the unique challenges of charity marketing and the importance of maximising return on investment by generating more donations, increasing the average donation value and the lifetime value of every supporter.

Working with several leading humanitarian and animal charities, illuma has increased the total volume of donations by 18x, as well as seeing the value of those donations increase by 22x.

We understand that every charity is unique and every supporter is an individual. With that in mind, the work we do at illuma generates unique content signals that are used to unlock the full potential of each and every marketing campaign to maximise return on investment.

Illuma’s campaigns significantly increase both the volume of donations and average donation value. Our Spotlights reports and analysis delivered by our insights team provide illuma clients with transparent, in-depth, and detailed performance data. This openness ensures that there is a trusted partnership and both sides work together as one team towards a common goal - driving more donations and increasing average donation value.

We work to discover what works in specific moments to increase donations for each campaign. This insight then informs how display media campaigns are executed.

We would love to tell you more about how illuma works as well as help you to do more of the great work you do every day.

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